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Whether you need a place for rugged tools or delicate instruments, tiny electronic parts or heavy motors, general supplies or extensive equipment, Lista has the efficient and durable solution you need.

Lista drawer storage cabinetsDrawer Storage Cabinets

Lista's modular drawer storage cabinets offer a nearly infinite variety of configurations that allow maximum use of cubic space for the highest density storage. What makes it even better? Cabinet housings that provide any drawer height configuration you want.

Scalable enough to adapt to future requirements, they are ideal for high-density storage of parts, tools and items of virtually any size and shape. They also provide maximum weight-bearing capacity, tailored drawer organization, and productivity enhancing ergonomic item handling and access.

Learn more about the features that make Lista storage products unique.

  • Unique drawer construction: Guide track supports, and front and rear panels welded to the drawer bottom provide full dimensional stability.
  • Exclusive drawer suspension system: No one else can match our exclusive suspension system, featuring quiet Polyoxymethylene (POM) bearings, which combine strength, hardness, dimensional stability, fatigue resistance, low wear and low friction.
  • Full drawer extension: Drawers slide out completely, even with a full load, allowing full use of the furthest corners and easy access to all contents.
  • Two drawer weight capacities: Cabinets are available with 440lb. (200kg) and/or 165 lb. (75kg) full-extension suspension, depending on the drawer footprint.
  • One-drawer-at-a-time safety system: Patented PrevenTip® interlock system prevents tipping by locking remaining drawers when one is extended, providing optimal safety.
  • Full-height sidewalls: Unlike the competition, Lista drawer storage cabinets feature full-height sidewalls, back walls and partitioning accessories, allowing full cubic use of the drawer, as well as preventing parts migration. Lista drawer partitions and dividers feature screws and pins, which fix them in place, so parts and other stored items aren't able to migrate under the dividers.
  • Hinged drawer handle covers: Unique handle covers have hinged plastic covers that easily open and close to allow labels to be added and changed, while protecting labels from handling, tears and dirt. Drawers can be labeled with free, unique Lista Script software.
  • Customizable drawer layouts: Partitioning slots on all four sides allow flexible subdivision for better item organization and faster retrieval.
  • Convenient drawer dividers: Angled top edges allow fast, accurate identification of compartment contents and accommodate Lista Script labels, as well as most bar code labels.
  • Flush handles: Drawer handles are flush with cabinet housing when closed so nothing protrudes to snag clothing or uniforms.
  • Variety of locking systems: Secure, safe storage with a variety of solutions.
  • Secure cabinet placement: Anchor cabinets directly to the floor or bolt to adjacent units for stable, secure positioning with no shifting.

Lista Storage Wall system with tambour doorsStorage Wall® Systems

Presenting the ultimate in storage versatility. Lista combined drawers, shelves and roll-out trays into one space-saving unit. You won't find a more efficient or versatile way to add storage and organization. With the Lista Storage Wall system, the biggest and smallest items can be stored near one another in a logical, easily accessible manner. Unlike conventional industrial shelving, not an inch of space is wasted.

  • Infinite configurations: Combine drawers, shelves and roll-out trays for the ideal item storage and retrieval solution to your specific application; easily reconfigurable for future flexibility.
  • Custom shelving and partitioning: Custom design each section of the system to match the size of the items you're storing.
  • Total vertical storage: 6 standard heights of up to 10' let you maximize use right up to the ceiling for more space-efficient storage.
  • Multi-unit installation: Several Storage Wall systems can be arranged as multi-story installations with mezzanines for even greater vertical storage and item access.
  • Variable door configurations: A variety of door options including sliding, hinged and vertical tambour doors, plus locking systems provide maximum protection of stored items.

stacked mobile cabinetsMobile Cabinets

Take your show on the road with Lista drawer storage cabinets. Our mobile storage cabinets and tool boxes are sturdy, versatile mobile workstations that are loaded with features and easily adapted for mobile applications.

  • Configurability: Available in a variety of heights, widths and depths to best suit your needs, including side-by-side work centers and our combinations cabinets featuring a wide top drawer(s).
  • Top options: Choose from a variety of sturdy, long-lasting worksurfaces.
  • Individual drawer latches: Drawers are individually locked in the closed position for safety when moving. For added security, rely on our LILO (lock-in-lock-out) feature to lock drawer in a fully-opened or fully-closed position.
  • Sturdy handles: Mounted directly on the cabinet housing for ease of maneuverability.
  • Heavy-duty casters: Two swivel and two fixed casters with pedal wheel locks for easy maneuverability and safety. Choice of caster capacity to suit every need, including the most heavy-duty.
  • PrevenTip® interlock system: With our patented drawer locking system, when one drawer is extended, the others are locked closed to prevent accidental tipping.
  • Above-worksurface accessories: Configure the worktop with Lista's extensive selection of accessories to make any mobile cabinet or tool box a complete workstation.

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Lista storage cabinets

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Drawer with foam FOD interior

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