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Lista mobile drawer storage cabinetsLista is on the go with drawer storage cabinets and workbenches that can be adapted for mobile applications. The proprietary features that make our products the leading choice are all available in optional configurations that bring our storage and workspace products right to the point of use.

Our mobile storage cabinets and tool boxes are sturdy, versatile mobile workstations that are loaded with features:

  • Configurability: Available in a variety of heights, widths and depths to best suit your needs, including side-by-side workcenters and our combinations cabinets featuring a wide top drawer(s).
  • Top options: Choose from a variety of sturdy, long-lasting worksurfaces.
  • Individual drawer latches: Drawers are individually locked in the closed position for safety when moving. For added security, rely on our LILO (lock-in-lock-out) feature to lock drawer in a fully-opened or fully-closed position.
  • Sturdy handles: Mounted directly on the cabinet housing for ease of maneuverability.
  • Heavy-duty casters: Two swivel and two fixed casters with pedal wheel locks offer easy maneuverability and safety. Choice of caster capacity to suit every need, including the most heavy-duty.
  • PrevenTip® interlock system: With our patented drawer locking system, when one drawer is extended, the others are locked closed to prevent accidental tipping.
  • Above-worksurface accessories: Configure the worktop with Lista's extensive selection of accessories to make any mobile cabinet or tool box a complete workstation.

Lista mobile workbenchesWhatever your Lista workbench selection, you can choose a mobile base that will enable you to quickly and easily reconfigure your work area, move benches for cleaning, or bring your workstation right to the point of use. These workbenches include:

  • Heavy-duty casters: Two swivel and two fixed casters with pedal wheel locks make for easy maneuverability and safety. They lock down for added security.
  • Choice of caster types and sizes: Select the caster configuration that best suit your application.
  • Easy reconfiguration: Design and redesign your work area's layout with a minimum of effort.
  • Variety of above-worksurface accessory choices: Choose from our Nexus accessory system and VSI accessory systems.

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Lista mobile storage cabinets with roll-out trays

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