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Conductive plastic boxesBest practices require storage and workspace products that provide a static safe environment for the control of static electricity. One of the cardinal rules for ESD prevention is to make sure that all personnel who handle ESD sensitive components are grounded. Lista offers a complete system of ESD workstations and storage cabinets for areas that require ESD protection and a static safe environment. We also offer static-safe accessories such as wrist straps and cords, and grounding blocks.

Static dissipative laminate worksurfaces are certified for meeting specific electrical property requirements, assuring static dissipation at a safe rate. All Lista storage solutions are available with ESD paint, and conductive plastic boxes are available for drawer storage. Our ESD User Handbook contains complete specifications for our ESD products.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your individual ESD program. Our technical staff can select and recommend appropriate products for your environment to ensure your selection is the correct product for your ESD program.

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Lista ESD accessories

ESD accessories. Choose from a variety of accessories, including grounding wrist straps and conductive plastic boxes.