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From small maintenance shops to large motor pools, enlisting Lista solutions make both parts storage and repair operations as efficient as possible.

Lista stacked storage cabinetsParts Storage

The parts department is a hub of activity with personnel helping technicians, managing inventories and logging in shipments. They'll do it faster, easier and in fewer steps with Lista. Our custom-configured modular drawer storage and Storage Wall® systems keep parts of all sizes and weights close at hand and easily accessible, with maximum organization and efficiency.

  • Stationary drawer cabinets: Tough, flexible Lista drawer storage cabinets provide compact storage density and impressive weight-bearing capacity. Their customizable drawer interiors, featuring a choice of plastic boxes and/or partitions and dividers, allow for custom configuration of drawers. Store parts of a variety of sizes to maximize use of cubic storage space.
  • Stacked drawer/shelf cabinets: Combine Lista drawer cabinets with shelf cabinets stacked above for easy access to both large and small items in the same storage area.
  • Storage Wall® systems: Totally customizable, full wall storage systems with a combination of drawers, adjustable shelves and roll-out trays keep your large and small fast-moving parts organized and at your fingertips, all in one compact footprint.
  • Issue counters: Smooth, attractive counter space with ample room for keyboards, manuals and more. Drawers, shelves and roll-out trays can be configured any way you like for super-quick retrieval of fast-moving parts and supplies.

Lista vehicle repair benchService Areas

Turbo-charge efficiency in service bays with Lista storage cabinets, workbenches and mobile cabinets. Tough, industrial-grade construction and materials are engineered to take a beating while giving technicians quick and easy access to tools, parts and supplies.

  • Workbench solutions: Lista integrated workbenches deliver all of the necessary space needed to work on the vehicle's key components. Lista service bays can be custom configured with a range of drawer sizes, bases, worksurfaces, overhead and hanging cabinets, and much more. Choose from stainless steel, galvanized steel or butcher block.
  • Mobile cabinets: Allow mechanics to bring tools right up to the area of the vehicle that's being repaired. Lista mobile storage cabinets and tool boxes are sturdy, versatile maneuverable workstations on wheels – and they're loaded with features.
  • Drawer storage cabinets: High-density, easily accessible storage for all your tools and equipment. Drawers of different heights allow each item to be stored in the right-sized drawer. And customizable drawer layouts allow users to keep tools from sliding around and becoming a disorganized mess with mesh liners for drawer bottoms. For ultimate organization, choose from our wide array of drawer partitioning materials.
  • Shelf cabinets: Easily accessible bulk storage right at the point of use. Choice of sliding or hinged doors to protect contents.
  • Overhead cabinets: Store and conceal everything from manuals and bulky supplies to computer monitors and equipment, all easily accessible all the time.
  • Hose reel cabinets: House and hide up to 4 reels in a recessed cabinet for easy access to oil, air, water, electrical or whatever else you need.
  • Lift control cabinet: A secure cabinet that offers integrated, easy-access controls, and slides in and out for easy servicing of the power unit.

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Lista Storage Wall system

Storage Wall® system. Versatile solution for storage of parts and repair items of all sizes and shapes.

Vehicle repair benches

Vehicle repair benches. Whether individual benches or multiple bays, Lista repair benches can be configured to provide the exact features you need.

Mobile toolbox

Convenient mobile work center right at the point of use. Choice of tops allows the top of the mobile cabinet to become a functional worksurface.

Lift control cabinet

Lift control cabinet. Easy access to automotive lift controls.