Arlink 8000 classroom tables

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Lista classroom and training furniture is both flexible and rugged to meet a range of needs for years to come. They provide the highest-quality, durable solution with the versatility to adapt to changing needs and uses.

Lista training benchesClassroom Tables and Desks

Lista classroom furniture makes the grade for training classrooms, including those that require electrical or digital access for each student or trainee.

  • Built-in electrical power supply and data access: Reduces safety risk and inconvenience of multiple wires and extension cords.
  • Incorporates ergonomic design: For easy, safe access with a minimum of stress and strain.
  • Variety of available worksurfaces: Choose from butcher block, plastic laminate, stainless steel or other solutions.
  • Optional casters: Achieve complete mobility for easy classroom reconfiguration with 6" heavy-duty swivel casters that also feature wheel locks for sturdy, stationary use once the table is in place.

Lista overhead cabinets with plexiglas doors
Training Material Storage

Safety and security is essential when it comes to classroom supplies and equipment. Lista overhead cabinets (shown above), storage cabinets and Storage Wall® systems let you choose from lockable solutions such as hinged door shelf cabinets, overhead cabinets for wall-mounted storage of books, binders and manuals. An added benefit is the Storage Wall system's unique ability to store the largest and smallest items in the same versatile unit.

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Arlink® 8000 electronic training stations

Arlink® 8000 electronic training stations. Versatile re-configurable workstations can be re-assembled as your training needs change.

Training bench with electrical power

Bench with electrical power. This armament classroom uses training benches with built-in power strips.

Hinged door cabinet with roll-out trays

Hinged door cabinet with roll-out trays. Store heavy training equipment in convenient cabinets with easy access.