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Lista products are engineered to perfectly meet the needs of critical SSA and supply distribution areas. Whether you're receiving, storing or repairing, Lista has the durable, flexible solution your job demands.

Lista packing benchShipping/Receiving/Packaging

Lista's advanced Nexus System packing and shipping workbenches and accessories are fully customizable both above and below the worksurface to accommodate your needs today and in the future. Packed with application-specific features and benefits, these workbenches include:

  • Ergonomic optimization: Easy access to packing material items at arm height.
  • Holders for rolls of paper, bubble wrap and other long items on rolls: Easy selection and removal.
  • Spool holders for rolls of labels and tape: Supplies never leave the work area.
  • Wire shelf dividers: Provide neat, convenient storage of boxes, envelopes and cardboard.
  • Specially designed legs: Accommodate shelves and divided sections (also configurable with cabinet pedestals).
  • A variety of lengths (48" to 96") and depths give you whatever you need.
  • A wide selection of worksurface materials: Including butcher block, plastic laminate and stainless or galvanized steel.

Mobile TO storage cabinetMobile Workbenches and Carts

Whether you need to repair equipment, store tools or provide easy access to parts and supplies, Lista's mobile workbenches, storage carts and toolboxes feature easy maneuverability, sub-dividable storage right at the point of use, and maximum configurability. With our extensive range of sizes, footprints and configurations, you can have the exact solution you need.

Electronic repair workbenchesElectronic Repair

Service and repair of electronic equipment – it requires workbenches that can be configured with plenty of electrical access and ESD features. Lista's industry-leading line of workbench solutions and customizable features gives you the exact solution you need. Choose from a full array of power beams, worksurfaces (including ESD), and ESD grounding accessories, conductive plastic boxes and paint to create a static-safe environment.

Lista Storage Wall systemLarge Item Storage

Store a wide range of larger items with Lista Storage Wall® systems, featuring roll-out trays with durable galvanized steel inserts – the perfect solution for easy access to heavy, bulky cases. Drawer storage cabinets and shelf cabinets (especially when stacked over one another) allow for convenient storage of both large and small items together.

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Arlink 8000 packing benches

Arlink® 8000 packing stations. Lista's Arlink 8000 workstations make ideal packing and shipping stations.

Lista Storage Wall system

Storage Wall® system. Versatile solution for storage of items of all sizes and shapes.

Mobile TO storage

Mobile workbench. Bring mobile repair stations right to the point of use.

Electronic ESD repair workstations

Electronic ESD repair workstations. Electronic workstations can be outfitted with the versatile Nexus accessory system and static safe protection.

Lista Storage Wall system

Large item storage. The Storage Wall® system can be configured with shelves (shown above) or rugged roll-out trays (shown to left).