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Customized workbench

Shipboard storage and workbenches present their own special challenges. Lista to the rescue with unique features and benefits that are suited for ship-based products:

  • Full-height sidewalls: Unlike other cabinets, Lista drawer storage cabinets feature full-height sidewalls, back walls and partitioning accessories, allowing full cubic use of the drawer, as well as preventing parts migration due to the constant motion of ships. Lista drawer partitions and dividers feature screws and pins, which fix them in place, so parts and other stored items aren't able to migrate under the dividers.
  • Flush handles: Drawer handles are flush with cabinet housing when closed so nothing protrudes, improving safety and appearance and eliminating snagging of clothing and uniforms, even in the close quarters of shipboard life.
  • Drawer lock-in-lock-out (LILO) safety devices: Open and close release levers in front for easy access keep cabinet and workbench drawers from opening unexpectedly.
  • Cabinets and workbenches stability: Workbenches can be anchored side-by-side, as well as to the wall and/or floor.
  • Products are available with fork truck bases: Allowing for easy transport and re-positioning.
  • Compact cabinet footprints such as our MP (22-3/16" wide x 28-1/2" deep) and ST (28-1/4" wide x 22-1/2" deep) footprints, are easily moved through ship hatches.
  • Customized sizes and configurations are available: To conform to the irregular dimensions of many interior areas. Workbench dimensions and worksurfaces can be custom-designed for a perfect fit.

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Lista customized workbench

Customized workbench. Workbenches can be custom-configured to exactly fit your unique spaces.