Lista cabinets in Tricon II

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Tricon II with Lista workbenchesContainers

Need a pre-configured container solution? Looking to outfit an existing container? Lista storage cabinets and workbenches are the ideal solution, including Bicons, Tricons, Quadcons, ISU 90s, Conex, 20-footers and M129 vans. Lista's innovative, ready-to-deploy storage solutions enable Department of Defense facilities and rapid deployment containers to maximize storage space, improve organization and increase productivity. Modular storage cabinets are the perfect storage solution for military ISO containers, ISU containers, tactical shelters, trucks, trailers and other mobility applications.

Lista cabinets are fully deployable, and have 50% more storage capacity than conventional shelving and feature much more usable storage space than any other competitive cabinet. Lista's customizable cabinets reduce the number of air, land and sea containers, freeing up cargo space on aircraft, ships and trucks. Lista cabinet drawers store a wide variety of components, including Class IX, ASL, PLL and even weapons.

Lista drawer storage cabinets feature full-height sidewalls, back walls and partitioning accessories, allowing full cubic use of the drawer, as well as preventing parts migration during shipping and deployment. Lista drawer partitions and dividers feature screws and pins, which fix them in place, so bench stock isn't able to migrate under the dividers.

Lista workbenches and overhead cabinets are the perfect solution for mobile repair facilities, especially when paired with cabinets for storage of bench stock and repair tools and equipment.

Military customers who need a turnkey container can get a Lista-equipped solution from our partner CMCI, America's leading manufacturer of modular containerized systems designed for rapid military deployment.

M129 vanMobile Workshops

Mobile workshops, MILVANs and M129 vans can also be equipped with Lista's full range of storage and workspace solutions. Their rugged design and full complement of security and safety features mean your cargo will arrive at its destination in good shape and ready to deploy.

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Tricon II with Lista cabinets

Lista cabinets in Tricon II container. Combination of drawer and shelf cabinet units allow for a wide range of storage options.

Tricon II with Lista cabinets

Aisle of Lista cabinets in Tricon II container. Cabinets can also be arranged with a central aisle for additional access options.

Lista workbenches in mobile workshop

Lista workbenches in mobile workshop. A fully-equipped mobile workshop relies on versatile Lista workbenches and overhead cabinets.