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The Lista Difference

Lista's Swiss heritage of quality and unique features set Lista apart from the competition. We make workspace work with durability, versatility efficiency and productivity.

Lista full-height sidewallsFull-height sidewalls

Unlike other cabinets on the market, Lista drawer storage cabinets feature full-height sidewalls, back walls and partitioning accessories, allowing full use of the cubic volume of the drawer, eliminating wasted space and parts migration. Imagine being able to fill a drawer to the very top, using every cubic inch to maximize storage capacity!

Securable drawer partitions and dividers

Securable drawer partitions and dividers

Lista drawer partitions and dividers feature screws and fasteners which fix them in place to the bottom of the drawer, so parts and other stored items don't migrate under the dividers. This feature sets Lista apart, making us uniquely able to store and secure your items, no matter how small. They fit into their individual sub-compartments, with no worries about getting items mixed and mingled, especially when being transported.

Flush drawer handles

Flush drawer handles

Lista drawer handles are flush with the cabinet housing when closed. This means that nothing protrudes from the cabinet face, not only improving safety and appearance, but eliminating snagging of clothing, uniforms and skin.

Drawer labeling

Lista Script drawer label

Lista's hinged drawer handle covers provide complete protection for drawer labels against daily handling, tears, spills, grease and grime. These innovative, clear hinged handle covers resist yellowing while clearly displaying label information. Supplied with all newly-ordered Lista cabinets, Storage Wall® systems and other products with drawers, the hinged handle covers even protect bar codes without impeding their easy reading by bar code scanners.

Lista Script softwareLista Script software

Hinged handle covers are perfectly complemented by free downloadable Lista Script labeling software, making Lista's drawer labeling system even more functional and powerful. This easy-to-use software lets users produce the most informational and attractive labels for their drawers and drawer contents. Lista Script is an ideal label creation solution, not only for drawer handles, but also for internal drawer compartments. Together, Lista's hinged handle covers and Lista Script software make drawer contents easy to identify, locate and inventory, enhancing organization and efficiency.

Hinged lock bar with padlockSecurity

Lista cabinets and mobile cabinets maximize security with several options:

  • Heavy-duty hinged lock bars for padlocks: Provides security with the versatility of padlock locking.
  • Hasp door lock: Lock rotates 90° to latch and unlatch, and is secured with a padlock.
  • Lock-in-lock-out (LILO) safety device: Locks drawer in fully opened for fully closed position for security in mobile, vehicular or shipboard settings.

Security shelf battenDeployment security

Lista's galvanized steel shelf battens can be used to stabilize cabinet contents, keeping boxes, bulk materials and other loose items in place during deployment or when moving over rough terrain. They are ideal for use in mobile vehicles, military containers, mobile workshops, MILVANS and aircraft. The shelf with lip option similarly keeps cabinet contents from sliding off of shelves.

Bolting cabinet bases

Bolting fork truck base

Lista's extremely durable fork truck base has an open-slotted foot in both the front and back position for easy bolt installation and removal.